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My Youtube videos that have 1,000 plus views, with some advice on getting more views.

I have several videos that have 1,000 views or more. I do have to note these are out of some 150 plus videos on my channel, not every video that is put up gets a ton of views. If you are struggling to get your view counter into the triple digits, think about something really cool that there is not a ton of videos on it, you should post it. After you do this make sure it is one the first page of whatever search term that is likely to be typed (you can use You-tube's Keyword Suggestion Tool to find the right title for your video by giving you stats on how often a term is search for).Always remember to include some part of the title in the first few lines to maximize the chances of being on top of the first page of results. I hope that helps someone out there on their quest to getting a video noticed. Below are some of my more viewed videos

8 rpm (5,000 plus views)

Winter Wonderland (2,650 plus views) note by Christmas this should be close to 3,000 views.

Pony boy (1,300 plus views)

Brave Cowboy Bill (1,000 plus views)

The Little Red Caboose Behind The Train (1,000 plus views)

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