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Paul Martin & His Old Timers- The Roaring Twenties Tops Record 12-605-1&2

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A1: Alabamy Bound
A2: Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
B1: The Varsity Drag
B2: Sweet Sue, Just You
B3: Mississippi Mud

C1: Side By Side
C2: Back Home Again In Indiana
D1: Look For The Silver Lining
D2: I Love A Banjo
D3: The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise


Barber Shop Quartet by The Parker Brothers Bravo! Records (K146)


Barber Shop Quartet by The Parker Brothers Bravo! Records (K146) 1959  


  • 1. There's A Tavern In Town 
  • 2. Annie Rooney 
  • 3. In The Good Old Summertime 
  • 4. Beautiful Dreamer 
  • 5. I've Been Working On The Railroad 
  • 6. Clementine 
  • 7. Cradle Song 
  • 8. For He's A Jolly Good Fellow 
  • 9. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 
  • 10. I Want A Girl 
  • 11. Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair 
  • 12. Old MacDonald Had A Farm 
  • 13. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen 
  • 14. Strolling Thru The Park 
  • 15. Home On The Range


Martin Miller And His Orchestra- Cole Porter Favorites -Instrumentals (Goldentone Records C 4051)

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Golden Tone records was a cheap budget label specializing in the reissue of older Tops Records and selected Eli Oberstein material.   

  • Track Listing:
  • A1 In The Still Of The Night 
  • A2 I Love Paris 
  • A3 I've Got You Under My Skin 
  • A4 Wunderbar 
  • A5 Use Your Imagination 
  • B1 Allez-Vous-En, Go Away 
  • B2 True Love 
  • B3 Could It Be You 
  • B4 I Concentrate On You
  •  B5 So In Love


78 RPM Acetate Record- A Personal [Happy Birthday] Greeting From Mother Goose [for Debbie]- Six Nursery Rhymes


Little can be found online about Personna Disk, Inc.; they sold these children's birthday records with commonly given names of children with a custom recorded introduction on the first side of the record. This record was meant for a then little girl named Debbie. Debbie is likely a grand- or great-grandmother by now- if she had children and those children had children, etc. This product appears to be of 1950s vintage. One doesn't see too many commercially mass-produced custom acetate records like this one; it is definitely an oddity for sure! My copy and the one other example on Discogs appear to represent all that can be found about them online. If anyone knows anything more about Personna Disk, Inc., we would all appreciate you sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.   But, one thing is for sure, the equipment they used to lathe this record introduced a rather noticeable AC hum into the audio feed (some of which could not be filtered out by either DeNoise LF or Audacity's noise removal tools), and the amount of reverb used throughout both sides is almost too much to enjoy listening comfortably, especially in the introduction segment of side one. What was up with the early 1950s and putting very noticeable reverb effects on children's records- was it to try to mask the lo-fi-ness of the original recordings?   


A  A Personal Greeting From Mother Goose 

B1  Little Bo Peep 

B2  Three Blind Mice 

B3  Sing A Song Of Sixpence 

B4  Pop Goes The Weasel 

B5  London Bridge 

B6  Hickory Dickory Dock


Irving Kaufman & Regal Records Orchestra- Little Tots' Nursery Tunes 101


                                                Listen here!

Little Tots' Nursery Tunes Records was a budget children's record line starting in 1923. The label was a subsidiary of Regal Records, which mostly issued Emerson Records masters- Emerson was the man behind the ground-breaking Little Wonder Records line, working in partnership with Columbia Records. They controlled some of the major patents needed to legally operate in the United States. Per Wikipedia- "Regal Records was an American record label owned by the Plaza Music Company that issued recordings from 1921 through 1931. Masters were recorded by Emerson Records and issued mostly in chain stores for 50 cents each."


Peter Nero Trio- Just For You (Premier Records PM 2011)- Full Album


Premier Records, the parent label of Spin-O-Rama Coronet, Twinkle, Directional Sound, Award, Blue Ribbon, and Celebrity Records, was a budget label that specialized in generic, older material of name artists and knock-off/craze cash-in albums like any other of its time. The majority of the content that appears on Premier was traded around with other budget labels. This was especially true with their more generic music releases. Most of the material on their various record lines is predominantly uploaded/monetized officially by the parties that own most of the recordings that appear to have been issued on this umbrella of record labels. 

All the recordings here can be apparently found online already- but I uploaded this album just to be sure because I wasn't 100% sure with general Google searches. 

Scratch My Bach 
Lullaby Of The Leaves 
It Might As Well Be Spring 
Our Love Is Here To Stay 
Red's Romp (Dedicated To Red Norvo) 
There'll Never Be Another You 
Love For Sale 
What Is This Thing Called Love 
How About You 

Credits: Max Wayne - Bass Dick Stein - Drums Peter Nero - Piano