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Gilmar records

A video of a complete Gilmar record side, it has 4 hit (covers) a side!
Gilmar was a small mail order record label that covered hit tunes (see the photo of one of their record mailers).


Your hit parade with the "Hits A Poppin" Orchestra

The cover
The Back
Look at that wear! 
A selection from this record
     This one of the many hit parade albums that were made in the 50's. This album was put out on the Parade label, which was ran by Enoch Light. The albums was recorded by a group named "The Vocal Stars of Radio and Televison".


Dance Party with Synthetic Plastics Inc.

Front of the box.
 Back cover with track selections (That are not true for D-3).

D-3 has different selections than the back said.
This video is from a budget record box set of big band recordings I have other videos of this set on YouTube.


Roaring 20's


This album happens to be a reissue of the first Roaring 20's album that Crown issued earlier. This album has less Roaring 20's selections then that earlier album, as this album has only two roaring selections and the rest is jazzed up public domain filler.
East Side West Side
The Bowery
Deep River
Rings On Her Fingers
Give My Regards To Broadway
Shine On Harvest Moon
Cuddle Up A Little Closer
Frankie & Johnnie