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An Ebay packing disaster

I was lucky that I had found a perfect jacket before hand, otherwise I would have been much more frustrated with the seller for packing it with no padding. This packing job was about as close as you could get to just sticking a mailing label on the record jacket and mailing it. This is one of the worst packing jobs ever I tell you!

The Mexicali Brass plays Hello Dolly and other hits

The front cover
Side one close up on label.

Side two view of full record with back slick behind it.

Hello Dolly (cleaned up from the original LP)
Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Can Can
Forty-Five Minutes From Broadway

Love Me And The World Is Mine
Give My Regards To Broadway
It's A Grand Old Flag

      I enjoy finding Mexicali Brass albums more than anything. I have to confess I only found the perfect jacket without the record! I found a cheap copy with the record on ebay. Sadly for me the record was mailed with only a thin layer of plastic and no padding whatsoever. The cover was wrecked but I had that mint jacket to replace the ruined one. The good news was the record itself was unscathed from the whole ordeal. 


Royale uses Noro Morales.

 Front cover.
Generic catalogue back. 
 Side one label.
 Side two label.
A picture of the entire record.

Tea For Two
Tres Palabras

Eli Oberstein was a not a fool when it came to his budget labels. By the end of the 40's he purchased the back catalogues for many dead record labels that had older recording from well known artists from the 40's and earlier. He then reissued the recordings on his various junk budget labels and then made a killing from the sales. This record was made from the Majestic record catalouge who Noro Morales recorded for in the 1940's.


The 4 Seasons meet The Buggs

 Two (very early, before they called themselves) The 4 Seasons tracks and a great assortment of filler and you get this album. First image is the coronet release of this album (featuring a group shot), the second image is the Premier release of this album with the name of the group before they called themselves the 4 Seasons.
 Coronet records always had liner notes (except for the early releases).
A nice shot of the label, with an "action" shot.

In all this album is fantastic, just looking at it when I picked it up for the first time, I could tell that  this album would be first rate, and it was!

 Teddy Boy Stomp


Budget organ music Volume 1

Take a look at today's catch at the good old thrift store. I collect Crown records, so even though organ is not my favorite genre of music, the cover (and the label this records on of course) made it all worth the 50 cents I paid for this album. The content is fairly interesting featuring mostly Victor Herbert tunes.  Below is a (relatively) interesting selection by William Daly, if that is his real name of course, and with Crowns habit of using stage names I doubt it!

Generic back slick
Close up of label. (Side 1)
March of the toys


An Hour (Actually 45 minutes) Of Concert Songs

 An Hour Of Concert Songs; when I hear "An Hour of" on Royale records, I think 60 minutes of music, not the 45 minutes this and all the other "An Hour of" records actually delivers! This record was so dull to my ears (and I enjoy easy listening music) that I had second thoughts about even transferring this album. This could have also been marketed as a record to put children asleep at bedtime for crying out loud! Fortunately there are a couple semi-interesting selections on this record such as: "Jeanie with the light brown hair" (It's one of my favorite songs of all time) and "The Spider and the Fly"(Because it has the highest entertainment value out of all the songs on the record) 
 The generic catalogue back that were so common with budget records (Click on images for a closer look at them). Below is a snapshot of the labels.

The Spider And The Fly (the most interesting track on the album)
Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair


A Salute To Stan Kenton by Crown Records

Orginal first pressing cover.
The back liner notes.
First pressing red stereo record.
Reissue cover.
Generic Crown record back slick.

Side one of the record (in stereo). 1. Artistry In Rhythm 2. Peanut Vendor 3. Esterellita


A Tommy Dorsey Tribute Album

 Basically this is what a budget record would look like brand new.
Song Of India

A tribute album to Tommy Dorsey or to The Dorsey's, that has to be rare right? Well hopelessly novice collector you haven't look around much have you? These types of albums were made by virtually all the budget record labels, I see these so much I turn them down 90% of the time (Although I have a soft spot for them though).  Here is two selections I have uploaded for your listening pleasure, enjoy!
Once In Awhile

Varsity Records: Classical on the cheap Volume 1

Varsity Records are well known for there poor quality products, sadly this is not a exception.
Enjoy selections from this record along with a noise sample of how awful the sound was before I processed it.

Sorcerer's Apprentice

This is a video with 30 second samples of  what it sounded before I processed the record.


Celebrate the Fourth Of July With an George M. Cohan tribute album!

This one of the best George M. Cohan tribute records of all time, From the feeling the singer puts into the performance, to the fantastic engineering and most importantly the rich and lush use of the orchestra. 
The record itself, note that awesome red vinyl!

Read these liner notes and request another selection from this record if you so please!

Below are two selections from this record.