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Milt Raskin plays Exotic Precussion!

 This has to be budget label album recycling at its best! This album was first released in 1960!
This is the original album cover that was first released in 1958.

This is a reissue made after 1962, at so this was made at least two years after the initial release.

          Crown was well know for their habit of issuing albums from album released maybe a few years before. I am sure their was some suckers customers that bought the original and the reissue a few years later thinking there were two completely different albums!

Koko Head


  1. I also have this re-issued by Crown as "Exotic Sounds Of Hawaii." I have also seen an Eurpean re-issue of it titled, I believe, "Tahiti." Love this LP.

    1. That would be issue CST-616 released in 1970, some 12 years after the original was first issued in 1958 if my research is correct.