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Promenade records: a sound alike recording of "I Shot Mr. Lee"

The song "Mr. Lee" was a major hit peaking at #6 on the billboard hot 100, and #1 on the R&B charts for 4 weeks. Later after the Bobbette's failed to produce a hit after "Mr. Lee", they wrote the song (which is very similar) "I Shot Mr. Lee" was then recorded and reached #56 on the charts. The real mystery is the fact that this record label only covered top-40 hits, odd considering the fact that this song only peaked at #56 making this only a minor hit. The most likely theory is based on the fact that sometimes these labels covered songs  beginning to show up on the charts that the label thought would become major top-40 hits. 


My Newcomb EDT-30 M

Last Saturday I found this great record player! however a day after I got it, the speaker cut out so I put the headphones to see if the  amp worked still. Otherwise the turntable seems to be in perfect order but the speaker just stop working!
Update: 8-6-11 I just had it looked at, however the speaker needs to be replaced, on the flip side I have found a cord that allows me to plug it straight to my stereo system!