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The Kings Of Dixieland play Auld Lang Syne.

The Kings Of Dixieland was a studio group that recorded for Crown between 1957-1962. Most of the content of these albums (eight in all) were public domain. I am impress by the arrangements, they even made The Merry Widow Waltz seem fantastic! I (sadly) have a mono copy only of this album, so I present the only track of note for New Year's eve. The selection is Auld Lang Syne, a classic favorite for this time of the year. I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Years, and come back for more fantastic budget record posts!

Auld Lang Syne


The Sounds Of Silence and Scarborough Fair

It is 1968 and the hit movie "The Graduate" is in theaters, it is the talk of the town. With all the buzz there are two songs from the sound track that stand out, "The Sounds Of Silence" and "Scarborough Fair". The Bihari brothers leap at the chance and rush this album into production and it sold quite well. However the sucker, I mean customer opens this album only to find that the only past the two title tracks the rest of the album is easy listening music with a couple other tunes that are not much better.
I have both of the title tracks posted along with the two other filler tracks of interest below.
The Sounds Of Silence
Scarborough Fair
Latino Cha Cha Cha
Where Do I Go From Here


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Bloggers! I present to you a track from the Royale record album "An Hour Of Christmas Music". I hope you have a "White Christmas" were you are, and may it be a good one for you!


The Gregg Smith Singers sing from around the world!

Christmas is just around the corner, and I need to post one of my last Christmas music posts of the year. The Gregg Smith choir was quite well known in it's time, and Crown was able to record this fantastic group, it is one of the best recordings I have ever hear from a budget label! The choir's blending is perfect, the recordings are intimate, it's like they are personally singing to you when you have head phones on. This is a true stereophonic experience, and I recommend this album to anyone seeking great Christmas music. Below is the whole album, happy holidays!

Christmas Carols From Around The World.


Kiddie's Christmas

 Oh what simple joys children have during the Christmas season, this album is a rather decent (yet very cheap) attempt at defining that childhood feeling we all had at Christmas time. This album was reissued in the 60's with the above cover, and a catalogue back instead of liner notes. Below is all twelve of the selections, they are in the same order as they appear on the record.

I hope you will have a "Kiddie's Christmas" when you listen to this album.


R.I.P. Dave Brubeck

It may be a little late, however I just found out that Dave Brubeck died on the 4th, just three days ago. I had posted an album on Crown Records with a mid 50's recording. I have a separate post on that album on my blog. I find it sad that great artists like that are passing away, as there are few if any decent artists that could possible hold a torch to great musicians like Dave Brubeck. Its sad to think that one day all we will have is old recordings of great artists like Dave Brubeck. One day we will turn on the radio and hear just talk radio and the auto-tuned, electronic noise that they are trying to pass off as music. Below is a recording on Crown Records of Dave Brubeck.
At A Perfume Counter


1000 Strings Play For Christmas

The Sounds Of A Thousand Strings was the name of the background music orchestra that recorded for Crown record between 1958-1964. After that the recordings were attributed to groups such as "The Fascinating Strings". This group of albums that this orchestra made were made to compete with the 101 Strings orchestra, the group even a couple knock off albums of the 101 Strings charting "Soul Of Spain" albums (which the Sounds Of A Thousand Strings orchestra albums were titled "The Heart Of Spain"). This is the album was most likely a knock off the very popular 101 Strings "Glory Of Christmas" album. There are more selections from this album on my Youtube channel, go check it out!

Silent Night
White Christmas


The world of budget vinyl record gets a new "toy"

Today I put a page view counter on my blog so that every one can see how many times my blog is accessed. Happy first day of December!