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The Piped Pipers Christmas Album

 Well, Surprise, Surprise, I decided to make yet another post. This album is just too interesting to not share. 

     The Pied Pipers were a very famous vocal group from the 1940's. They backed up many great acts including Tommy Dorsey. They were so well known that even in the 50's Tops produced a couple albums featuring them. Sadly this album is not entirely comprised of Pied Piper material, rather a couple soloist appear on this album as well. Basically this album is half Pied Pipers and the rest is filled with material from a couple other artists. In an attempt to keep the album unified, Tops had the whole album backed by an Organist named George Marther. The two tracks I would recommend are "White Christmas" (0:04) and "The Christmas Song"(27:10)

       I like the album, It sounds great in stereo, but rather dull in mono. The tracks are set up so that on the left channel you get the vocalists, and on the right channel you have the organ. You could almost get a two for one album by panning your stereo system by adjusting the sound to come out of just the left or right speaker. I did choose to leave this album unrestored just because it's to late in the season for me to restore it. Please enjoy this album, as the stereo copy of this album is hard to find.

Here's the link to the video, I can't seem to embed it here like I usually do. Here's the link toThe Pied Pipers and others Hollywood Vocalists!

White Christmas-Pied Pipers
Silent Night- Bill Reeve
Good King Wenceslas-Pied Pipers
The First Noel- Norma Zimmers
Good Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen-Pied Pipers
Joy To The World- Thurl Ravenscroft

Side 2

Jingle Bells- Pied Pipers
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear-Norma Zimmers
O, Come All Ye Faithful- Pied Pipers
Hark, The Herald Angels Sing- John Gabreil
The Christmas Song- Doris Drew
Deck The Halls- Pied Pipers 


"18 Christmas Songs" By Johnny Cole, and a group of anonymous musicians...

I have no clue how I got the pictures like that. I guess uploading the pictures in html mode would do that. Regardless, I present yet another budget Christmas release.

Broadway records was a cheap  budget label from L.A. Christmas albums just do not come any more generic then this one here. Like a lot of budget labels of the day, this album features recycled material from three different artists; Johnny Cole, Studio recordings that appear on Crown records on "Kiddies Christmas"(CLP-5083), and a recording of "White Christmas" from Eli Oberstein's budget record line. I own the complete versions of all these songs (they're edited here), so I will not be cleaning up this album like I normal do.


A "Royale" Christmas album

(my very recycled Royale records backslick photo)
You guys must be shocked! I finally decided to update my blog! Well I have some new material (make that lots of material) transferred and ready to go, which includes this extremely low budget Christmas album. 

The album is posted on Youtube, transferred and cleaned up like I always do. Here's a little blurb about it:
This one of the first Christmas albums that Oberstien put out on Royale and his other budget labels in the early 50's. This album features as small but talented choir and a collection of anonymous organ and chime selections on the second side. The album concludes with a pretty dull Organ and Chimes recording of "White Christmas".

The recordings are pretty high quality on the first side. Sadly, the organ selections sounded distant in places. The first selection skipped quite frequently, the rest of the album is much better. That being the case, if you want to avoid the jumpy first track, just start listening at 1:39.

Side 1- The Caroleers

Silent Night (0:04)
Hark The Herald Angels Sing (1:39)
Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem (4:20)
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (6:47)
Away In A Manger (8:13)
Joy To The World (9:34)
The First Noel (10:39)
Good King Wencelas (12:18)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (15:14)
Rejoice (17:12)
Adeste Fideles (18:32)

Side 2- Organ and Chimes 

Silent Night (20:21)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen- Adeste Fideles (23:09)
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (25:59)
Hark The Herald Angels Sing- Away In A Manger (28:19)
The First Noel- Holy Night (30:55)
Little Town Of Bethlehem (33:40)
Jingle Bells (36:10)
White Christmas (38:34)