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The Little John Records Christmas Collection

Little John Records was a cheap children's budget record label in the early 50's. These records sold for ten cents each without sleeves, it is a miracle that any of these Little John's made it to the present in decent shape! I have most of the 31 Little John releases (I have 2 out of the 3 runs they made complete), and that includes the complete Christmas series, X-1 through X-10.  Here's a link to a playlist that features the entire series!


  1. Visit Rockin Jeff's Little Golden Record blog for Little John, Voco, Peter Pan, etc. You can start here and work backward for the Little John posts, but some of the more recent posts will probably interest you, too:

  2. I Have the Entire 3 year 30 disc run. The 1950 & 1951 sets I have are in decent shape. My 1952 (Christmas Set) has several rather noisy surfaced records. All of my Christmas ones are black vinyl (actually black PLASTIC), while my other two sets contain green, yellow, red & black records. I put them on a CD a few years back. All 60 VERY short songs will fit on one disc. I now have a much nicer manual turntable that is fully able to play these tiny records, so I'm going to re-record them in the near future.

  3. I am the original owner of several Christmas recordsfrom this series. Still have them.