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Three albums, three artists, one recording.

What does all these albums have in common? They all have the same recordings on them! The left two albums are the Sounds Of A Thousand Strings Christmas album (The bottom left is the original 1st pressing, the top left is a reissue). The top right Premier record album is titled "1000 Strings At Christmas" and is credited to Al Goodman. The bottom right is a Wyncote release with the artist credited to "The International Pop Orchestra", and is a reissue of the Premier album (the Wyncote release has XS-4 scratched out in the dead wax). Budget record labels traded and leased masters to different budget labels so that they would in turn trade or lease masters they could use themselves. The question I have about these releases is when these recordings were really recorded and by whom. I believe it was Crown that recorded these recordings, as their album was issued in 1959, while the others were issued in 1963 and 1964.

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