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Milt Raskin plays Exotic Precussion!

 This has to be budget label album recycling at its best! This album was first released in 1960!
This is the original album cover that was first released in 1958.

This is a reissue made after 1962, at so this was made at least two years after the initial release.

          Crown was well know for their habit of issuing albums from album released maybe a few years before. I am sure their was some suckers customers that bought the original and the reissue a few years later thinking there were two completely different albums!

Koko Head


The Mexicali Brass play Downtown and other favorites

 Your typical cheesecake cover.
The generic back slick.

     The Mexicali Brass issued quite a few albums, some featuring a Tijuana Brass hit, others covered other popular hits such as this album which covers "Downtown". I hope you enjoy listening to this rendition of Downtown by the Mexicali Brass.


Enoch Light: the early years

Front cover.
Back cover with liner notes.

     Enoch Light was a big name in the 60's, after all he gave us all those percussion records that seemed to have sold so well back in the day. This budget album gives us some of his early recordings as a band leader. These recordings were is mono, ironic considering that this was the man that took stereo from a novelty to an industry standard! Here we get eight marching band standards reprocessed to similate that stereo sound we so love and enjoy. I hope you enjoy the selections from this interesting album.

High School Cadets
Under The Double Eagle


Winchester Cathedral, a knock off record by The Flappers

     This album is a knock off record by Spinorama Records, a sublabel of Premeir Albums Inc. This record seems to have come from two different record labels, some tracks come from Crown Record's "Roaring 20's" album, other tracks come from Coronet's "The Naughty 90's" album. The cover model on this album cover came from a earlier Coronet release (which by the way was run by Premier)"Dixieland Jazz". 

Winchester Cathedral

My first on camera appearance on Youtube

I have decided to start uploading videos with me on camera on Youtube. This is a good thing because I can now record finds videos on my web-cam and have them uploaded instantly. The only thing I could have done with this video was not to have played the song "Somewhere My Love" so loud in the background.


The No-Namers sing: Mary Poppins favorites and other not so desired songs

Generic back slick.

     The No-Namers sing selections from the hit movie Mary Poppins along with a wide selection of old time favorites! I have to say I'm sorry for the dramatic introduction, but just stating that this album features artists that Crown didn't even bother to name, with the covers on side A and an assortment of public domain tunes on the B side, just wouldn't be the same. This is just your standard knock off album, one of the many Crown issued to cash into various music trends and hits of the day. Below is the entire album ready for your listening enjoyment.
Let's Go Fly A Kite (Side 1)
Spoonful Of Sugar
Feed The Birds
Chim-Chim Cheree
Stay Awake (end of side 1)
I've Be Working On The Railroad-She'll Be Comein' Around The Railroad (side 2)
On Springfield Mount-Clementine
Cindy-Shortin' Bread-Little Liza Jane
Careless Love-Down In The Valley (end of side 2, end of album)


The collecting of budget records, why do I collect them?

     If you are reading this blog right now, you will most likely know that I collect budget record albums. I can imagine you would ask this question, "What is so appealing about budget records to the point you would fork over real money to buy these junk records"? The answer lies in the stories behind the various budget labels and the purposes that the records were made for, I find them to be endlessly interesting. I am what you could call a history buff, and enjoy the why and how of anything, so I find the research and also the "field" research to be very entertaining. How do you get interested in this field of record collecting, you ask? It's sad that I can't give you a straight answer, as it just grew on me until it became the primary focus of my collecting, try it and maybe it will grow on you too. I have also grown to love certain budget record labels, mainly Crown and other Modern Records operated labels, Royale and other labels of Record Corporation of America, Wyncote and Golden Tone and other P.R.I operated labels.
     Budget records I have found to very misunderstood, I once was asked by a guy as I was flipping through some records what I collected, and I told him I collected budget records. At this point he asked "Who made those"? I answered his questions explaining that budget records are a field of record collecting, not a brand name and they were mostly manufactured between the 50's to the 70's. Afterwards I was shocked that people knew so little about these very interesting records.
     I will tell you the good and the bad about these records. The first thing I'd like to tell you, is the fact that their is a lot of junk out there (Easy listening music, polka, etc.)! Some of this junk is worthwhile, such as some select 101 strings albums and tribute albums. One of the good type of budget record are albums with name artist, the real fun being that the artist in small print usually makes up the majority of the album! Another great type of budget album are knock off records covering pop hits or albums of the day. The quality of these knock off records depend on how well the artist covered the record, some are good, some are paint peeling awful, listen with caution.

     I now ask you a question, what do you collect, and what makes you collect it? Please put your answer in the comment section, I can't wait to hear what you have to say.


The first Mexicali Brass album!

Crown released their first knock off album of the Tijuana Brass in 1965. This album past the title tracks contain a mix of old public domain standards and some Spanish tunes. If you ever have the chance to pick up a copy at a thrift store I would highly recommend it. If it wasn't for the fact that I have digitized my copy I would have worn it out by now, Selections are below.

Whipped Cream (stereo, restored)

El Cholo (stereo, from masters, not my video)

The Girl In My Dreams (Mono, unrestored)

Cielito Lindo (mono, unrestored)

I Dream Of Jennie (mono, unrestored)

The Lonely Bull (stereo, restored)

Adios Muchachos (mono, unrestored)

Song Of India (stereo, restored)

Washington Post (mono, unrestored)

Swing Low Sweet Chariot (mono, unrestored)


The blog recieves a face lift

I am happy to announce that the blog's background image has been changed to better reflect this blogs theme. The image above is the original and full sized version of the background picture. Please click for a bigger image.

Midnight Cowboy

This copy is in nearly perfect condition, pops and clicks are rarer then hen's teeth on this record!

This is a cover of the theme from Midnight Cowboy. By the time this album was issued in 1969 Crown Records was in its twilight years.  You rarely see Crown albums after the CST-550 mark, after that, it seems sales must have slumped, as I rarely see these later albums going through the records at the thrift stores (the highest catalogue number I found at a thrift store was CST-580). I bought this album on EBay, the only place I have seen albums this late so far. 

Midnight Cowboy


How do you leave comment without leaving a view also?

A couple days ago I uploaded a video, and I checked on it a couple hours later to find that it had a comment (which the user wrote "Fantastic") and no view to go with it! I understand that a video has to be watched for eight seconds or more to be counted as a view, how the user found the video to be "Fantastic" in less then 7 seconds really amazes me and make me want to post more of this album. I'm being sarcastic by the way, as it was most likely a spammer that made the comment.

P.S. I have posted more of this album by the way.


My Youtube videos that have 1,000 plus views, with some advice on getting more views.

I have several videos that have 1,000 views or more. I do have to note these are out of some 150 plus videos on my channel, not every video that is put up gets a ton of views. If you are struggling to get your view counter into the triple digits, think about something really cool that there is not a ton of videos on it, you should post it. After you do this make sure it is one the first page of whatever search term that is likely to be typed (you can use You-tube's Keyword Suggestion Tool to find the right title for your video by giving you stats on how often a term is search for).Always remember to include some part of the title in the first few lines to maximize the chances of being on top of the first page of results. I hope that helps someone out there on their quest to getting a video noticed. Below are some of my more viewed videos

8 rpm (5,000 plus views)

Winter Wonderland (2,650 plus views) note by Christmas this should be close to 3,000 views.

Pony boy (1,300 plus views)

Brave Cowboy Bill (1,000 plus views)

The Little Red Caboose Behind The Train (1,000 plus views)


Make up your mind Wyncote!


liner notes

side two

side one
Everything on this album says mono, however side one plays stereo (it has the stereo catalogue number in the dead wax just so you know). Here is the strange part, side two is mono and has a mono catalogue number in the dead wax, how strange is that?

The Single Swingers, a knock off album

Liner notes (Click for bigger image)

This is not the group The Swingle Singers, this is The Single Swingers (See the sneaky switch of the w), this is a knock off album made by Wyncote records. This record presents itself as if it were the real thing by the various similarities between the real product and this fake one. The liner notes last sentence is quite interesting and it reads, "The Single Swingers prove to any in this Album that Bach was one of the original Jazz writers of music." There is a guy that has this album for download, however it's only  a direct transfer of very scratched copy. My copy is near mint and as a result sounds much better in its raw state then that version, plus I have cleaned up the sound.

Prelude for Organ Choral No.1




Fugue In D Major



Yesterdays record finds

I stopped by several thrift store the yesterday and I founds some great albums. I was a little bummed that the "Just For Listening" album (The record seen in the the thumbnail) was extremely warped, so I used a blow-dryer to  heat up the warped spot to the point the vinyl softened, and then pressed the record down with some heavy books until it had cooled down. Results were not as great as I hoped, however it means I can play this with my Crosley turntable with no troubles at all.