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The first Mexicali Brass album!

Crown released their first knock off album of the Tijuana Brass in 1965. This album past the title tracks contain a mix of old public domain standards and some Spanish tunes. If you ever have the chance to pick up a copy at a thrift store I would highly recommend it. If it wasn't for the fact that I have digitized my copy I would have worn it out by now, Selections are below.

Whipped Cream (stereo, restored)

El Cholo (stereo, from masters, not my video)

The Girl In My Dreams (Mono, unrestored)

Cielito Lindo (mono, unrestored)

I Dream Of Jennie (mono, unrestored)

The Lonely Bull (stereo, restored)

Adios Muchachos (mono, unrestored)

Song Of India (stereo, restored)

Washington Post (mono, unrestored)

Swing Low Sweet Chariot (mono, unrestored)

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  1. I have a 5-LP Longines Symphonette box set by a group called the Mexicali Brass, but which are completely different from the one on Crown. Longines released a lot of re-issues including a box set of the real TJB; but I have no idea what other label may have released these. The box does carry a notice "Copyright by Tangerine Music Corp." A Google search states Tangerine was owned by Ray Charles, though I have no idea what (if any) hand he may have had in producing these records. They're about the best imitation TJB albums I've ever heard. Anyone know any more about them?