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Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond and Cal Tjader play for Crown Records!

This record is a rare breed, despite the fact that Crown did issue many jazz albums, I have only found a handful of these records. This record has the touch only the Biharis brother could provide. This album features three legendary Jazz artists. The first track is by Dave Brubeck, which is extended by splicing in improv from other Brubeck recordings, resulting in the first track taking up the entire first side. The whole record is in reprocessed stereo, the first side is given the echo tunnel treatment (reverb), then the whole second side is panned to the left channel. Despite the reprocessed stereo this album still sounds great.

At A Perfume Counter (Dave Brubeck Quartet)
Purple Moon (Paul Desmound Quartet)
Jazz Latino (Cal Tjader)

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  1. I have this album. I bought it an a FYE for $4.95 for Cal Tjader. The album itself plays very well.