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Artie Shaw plays on Golden Tone records!

      Golden Tone records was cheap budget label that specialized in the reissue of older Tops record material. This album is a marriage of the cover of Tops record 1569 and the material from Tops record 1755. This record appears to have material that Eli Obertein had since the source material was from the Musicraft Label which he owned the masters for that label. These recordings may have been leased to PRI, the owners that ran this label in exchange for cash or some other another resource that he needed at that time while reorganizing his company. I uploaded these two selections because I couldn't find those two selections on Youtube, so enjoy these "Name" artist tracks on Golden Tone Records.! I would like to note that this release was one of the last for Golden Tone made in 1962 .
I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance

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  1. My family had 3 Golden Tone lps. Jerry Gray Plays Glenn Miller Favorites, Cole Porter Favorites by Martin MIller and Strauss Waltzes. Liked the Jerry Gray album but found the other albums boring.