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The Mexicali Brass plays Hello Dolly and other hits

The front cover
Side one close up on label.

Side two view of full record with back slick behind it.

Hello Dolly (cleaned up from the original LP)
Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Can Can
Forty-Five Minutes From Broadway

Love Me And The World Is Mine
Give My Regards To Broadway
It's A Grand Old Flag

      I enjoy finding Mexicali Brass albums more than anything. I have to confess I only found the perfect jacket without the record! I found a cheap copy with the record on ebay. Sadly for me the record was mailed with only a thin layer of plastic and no padding whatsoever. The cover was wrecked but I had that mint jacket to replace the ruined one. The good news was the record itself was unscathed from the whole ordeal. 


  1. Hey! Just had to drop in and check out YOUR blog. I can see right now you are a kindred spirit.

    I scored an album of Hawaiian music the other day on Pirouette (another SPC label) Haven't really looked at it or played it yet, will do so this weekend. Cheers!

    1. Its nice to see someone else who gets excited about finding a budget hawaiian record or budget record for that matter. You have an great blog also, keep up the go work!

  2. P.S. Hey, do you mind if I link your blog in my Budget Labels post? Your blog is an awesome resource and those who stumble on my page should know about yours. Cheers!

    1. I would be more than honored to have you link my blog to your fantastic budget record post.