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An Hour (Actually 45 minutes) Of Concert Songs

 An Hour Of Concert Songs; when I hear "An Hour of" on Royale records, I think 60 minutes of music, not the 45 minutes this and all the other "An Hour of" records actually delivers! This record was so dull to my ears (and I enjoy easy listening music) that I had second thoughts about even transferring this album. This could have also been marketed as a record to put children asleep at bedtime for crying out loud! Fortunately there are a couple semi-interesting selections on this record such as: "Jeanie with the light brown hair" (It's one of my favorite songs of all time) and "The Spider and the Fly"(Because it has the highest entertainment value out of all the songs on the record) 
 The generic catalogue back that were so common with budget records (Click on images for a closer look at them). Below is a snapshot of the labels.

The Spider And The Fly (the most interesting track on the album)
Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair

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