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The 4 Seasons meet The Buggs

 Two (very early, before they called themselves) The 4 Seasons tracks and a great assortment of filler and you get this album. First image is the coronet release of this album (featuring a group shot), the second image is the Premier release of this album with the name of the group before they called themselves the 4 Seasons.
 Coronet records always had liner notes (except for the early releases).
A nice shot of the label, with an "action" shot.

In all this album is fantastic, just looking at it when I picked it up for the first time, I could tell that  this album would be first rate, and it was!

 Teddy Boy Stomp


  1. "Teddy Boy Stomp" is awesome! Thanks. I have the Buggs LP lying around someplace--a thrift find, of course.

    What kind of turntable is that?

  2. My turntable is a Philips AF-829 with an Empire 2000 III cartridge.

  3. Thanks! I thought it looked vintage.