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Varsity Records: Classical on the cheap Volume 1

Varsity Records are well known for there poor quality products, sadly this is not a exception.
Enjoy selections from this record along with a noise sample of how awful the sound was before I processed it.

Sorcerer's Apprentice

This is a video with 30 second samples of  what it sounded before I processed the record.


  1. hello, once upon a time i bought a varsity album of circus marches (a dusty one) , but when cleaning it after a couple of miserable needle worner passes :p i'broke it... do you have any trace of it? it's a red little album 33rpm with a creepy clown on its cover ... best regards!!

    1. I don't have the album or the recordings from it, I have an Uncle Don album on the same label, it features a circus theme.