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Jane Froman Sings for Royale Records

Jane Froman was a very well known singer in the 40's. Eli Oberstein was a marketing genius, for buying out a bunch of bankrupt record labels in the late 40's and using the material for his budget labels. He had material from many famous artists, Jane Froman, Artie Shaw and Noro Morales just for starters. These albums and EP's sold very well and help keep Eli and his budget labels in business until the late 50's.

Linger In My Arms A Little Longer/ You, So It's You (Side 1)
I Got Lost In Your Arms/ Millionaires Don't Whistle (Side 2)

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  1. It's hard to tell from your video image, but it looks like your Royale 45rpm is on a red plastic you could see light through. I have some red Royales that are so thick and heavy, not only can't you see thru them, but if you dropped one on your foot you might break something...and I don't mean the record!