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The Single Swingers, a knock off album

Liner notes (Click for bigger image)

This is not the group The Swingle Singers, this is The Single Swingers (See the sneaky switch of the w), this is a knock off album made by Wyncote records. This record presents itself as if it were the real thing by the various similarities between the real product and this fake one. The liner notes last sentence is quite interesting and it reads, "The Single Swingers prove to any in this Album that Bach was one of the original Jazz writers of music." There is a guy that has this album for download, however it's only  a direct transfer of very scratched copy. My copy is near mint and as a result sounds much better in its raw state then that version, plus I have cleaned up the sound.

Prelude for Organ Choral No.1




Fugue In D Major


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  1. A clever switch -- I would have fallen for this one (until I got it home and played it -- definitely not The Swingle Singers).

    Second place would go to an early Tops LP released when The Sons of the Pioneers and The Riders of the Purple Sage were big (they appeared in Roy Rogers' B-Westerns at Republic) -- I think the Tops LP group was called The Sons of the Purple Sage. (I've only seen the cover once -- years ago -- so I'm trusting my memory of it.)