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An Hour Of Star Dust "A Pop Concert"

     This is yet another example of Royale's "An Hour Of" albums. This one plays for almost 45 minutes, the most that any of these so called hour long records played. Here is the cover and catalog back slick (a term I use to describe budget releases that only have a list of other records instead of liner notes on the back). I Have found a Royale release that has liner notes instead of this back slick you see here. This album's last two tracks are strange because they are basically sea shanties, yet are labeled as Hollywood Concerto Parts one and two.

These Foolish Things
Syncopated Clock
Dizzy Fingers
La Golondria
Kitten On The Keys
Hollywood Concerto Part 1 (Sea Shanty)
Hollywood Concerto Part 2 (Sea Shanty)

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