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A "Royale" mess up

I collect Halo Records which were made by Eli Oberstein who ran Royale Records. This was a album released on a different label he also ran, however this same album was also issued on Halo records. So I found this record at my local thrift store and I checked to make sure it had the right record (because records have the tendency to be in the wrong jackets) and it did. I got it home and I was pumped up to hear some great show tunes, I put the needle down and all I heard was this classical sounding stuff and none of the songs listed on the label were on the record! I checked the dead wax, and sure enough the matrix number was WAY different from what was on the jacket and the record label, it was 1737 which turned out to be a Royale record release that featured Slavonic dances, instead of the showtunes the record label and the jacket promised would be there. It appears that this may have just been a screw up in the pressing plant, and of course it wasn't caught. No surprise to me as the pressing and quality control standards were pretty poor for this label. 

The real number that is written in the dead wax (it was 1737 and not 2057 like it should be)

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