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Vagabond King on Halo Records

     Halo is one of my favorite budget label of all time, second only to Crown. This is one of their show tune records I have no idea when this record was originally recorded i'm guessing by the sonic properties of the recordings to be from the 40's. This record was issued in 1957 based on the date on the back slick. However I could be wrong as recycling the generic back slicks were very common practice for RCA (Record Corporation of America not the other RCA) issued records. The reason behind Eli Oberstein's use of the acronym RCA for his company name was on purpose. He worked for RCA records in the 30's and 40's. The selections below represent recording from the featured musical on side one and filler instrumental material on side two. I hope you enjoy these selections from this album.

Song Of The Vagabond (side one)
Rumbalero (side two)


  1. Like your operetta LP with a cowboy cover, Halo's other covers defy logic too. "The Best Musical-Comedy Songs" by "The Broadway Singers and Orchestra" has a cover photo of Bettie Page in a faux-leopardskin "jungle girl" costume leading two jaguars on leashes! Hey, whatever sells the record...

  2. Hey there - I"m trying to find an album called: "Music For Dreaming" put out by Halo Records. it's a winter seen, looks like the 50's and there are two ladies lying on their backs on their skis in the snow. Beyond them is a small village. I want to see if I can find the album cover (or a hi-res digital copy of it) so I can enlarge it significantly for my winter cabin. Any ideas where to look??? Can't remember the website where I first saw it and I have no idea how to track down the album itself. I live in Toronto, Canada.

  3. Recently found another Halo LP with "one of those" covers; it's Romberg's "Student Prince" (well, one side is anyway; the other side is a pastiche of big-band and Dixieland instrumentals!) The cover shows four showgirl types in Robin Hood costumes (and sneakers?) carrying crossbows and comparing notes on how close they came to the "bull's eye!"

  4. Here's that cover, Tracey......