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Doug Elliot Sings "Songs That Al Jolson Made Famous"!

Doug Elliot was one of the many victims vocalists that had to record covers of songs that only the original stars that made the song famous could make sound good. I have uploaded this whole album on Youtube (which takes some time as I only post a track or two a day so that each selections get a equal chance of being viewed by my loyal subscribers), and this poor artist had a lot of "virtual" rotten tomatoes thrown at him. The jacket features (a now politically incorrect picture) a man, perhaps Doug Elliot himself in black face (again now considered very racist and not politically correct).

The selections feature some famous Al Jolson tunes, and also some old Steven Foster standards such as "Old Folks At Home" and "Camptown Races".
 The liner notes were supposedly written by the artist that you hear singing (or hacking to death the Al Jolson style by some of my Youtube subscribers). Note that is album was quickly dropped from the Crown catalogue, very shortly after this albums initial release it was dropped of the list of "Albums Available On Crown Records".

Robert E. Lee (First selection)

The rest of the album can be found in this playlist that you can find by clicking here.

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  1. The reel-to-reel/tape issue of this release reveals on the cover that Doug Elliot is accompanied by the Maxwell Davis Band!