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The Mexicali Brass play Michelle!

The Mexicali brass was one of the many (and also nameless) studio groups that recorded for cheap budget labels in the mid 60's that were made to cash in on the Tijuana Brass's success. These cheap budget albums often featured just one or two Tijuana Brass tunes and then filled the rest of the record  with cheap filler music. This album is not covering a TJB tune, but rather a Beatles tune that was popularly being covered as a instrumental by almost every orchestra known to man (at least as far as budget labels go). I now present you with yet version of this timeless track Michelle (click to go to the video).


  1. I just recently ran across two box sets (3 LPS in each) of the Crown Mexicali Brass LPS on a label called A.R.A. (American Recording Artists.) Their address was 5810 S. Normandie in L.A., so pretty obviously an alias for Crown itself. The labels are two-tone purple, and the inner sleeves (imagine that!) are made of WAXED PAPER!

  2. I have heard of that box set. I have an ARA box set of Christmas records with the artists; Sounds Of a Thousand Strings, Johnny Cole and the voices of Christmas, and a organ record who's name name escapes me. Yeah, the inner sleeves were interesting for me as well.