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The Era Of The Big Bands (played by former members of the Big Bands)

       Big Band has a certain elegance to it, it's style captivates music lovers to this day. Sadly all we have from this fabulous era of music is old 78 rpm recordings, leaving us to dream what it was like to hear artists like Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey at their prime in the early 40's live. Many albums have been made to do just that and the Bihari brothers (Modern/Crown records owners) made their share of these recreations.
     These recordings you hear here were made by former members of these famous orchestras. I have found that these recordings are the best cover records made by a budget label in the late 50's. This album is a mere sampler of what was recorded with these "Members of..." orchestras. I hope you enjoy this album as much as I do!

The complete album.

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