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Eric Silver and his Orchestra play a tribute to Glenn Miller

The marching band and the American flag only seem fitting on the last two tracks.

      Eric Silver, if that's his real name (and I so doubt it) and his most likely European orchestra that was most likely paid peanuts to make these recordings, was not that bad. This album's cover art is hard to place, I just cannot decide if it is simply cheap or sort of fitting (see comment under jacket picture). This album has its moments, the Glenn Miller material is nicely covered, the public domain tunes are arranged well, so I guess the album is decent. The material is grab bag like as far as tune selections go, and the last two tracks are just marches. I kind of like this album if I didn't I would be spending my precious time transferring it and making a post featuring it. I hope you enjoy the selections that I have posted for you here, and if you want to hear the full album click this link to go to the playlist.
American Patrol
Anvil Chorus


  1. The cover photo looks like the Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade. It's pretty evident the photo has been "flopped" left for right; the word at the left of the cover is NEBRASKA mirror-imaged, the word at right (partly obscured) may be DUKE. If you can find out if/when Nebraska and Duke played in the Rose Bowl, you can probably date this shot.

    1. The photo was most likely taken in The Orange bowl in 1955, this album was issued in 1959, this was one of the last releases for Halo/Ultraphonic line (they were basically the same).