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Fads and budget labels

In the 1960's they were quite a few musical fads, The Twist, hot rod records, Limbo, discotheque records, for example. The 1960's brought a new style to budget label marketing, generic music releases were put on the back burner and fad records replaced them. There were two kinds of budget fad cash-in records; one the label took older material with a similar style and just renamed the tracks, or option two used cheap studio musicians to record albums in the style of the fad. Regardless of what kind the fad record was, they're fun to collect and listen to!

Let's look at the Twist, the one of the first 60's dance fads. 

Bossa Nova
The Hot Rod Craze: Records featuring car songs and the constant use recordings of cars peeling out, and other car related sounds in the background.

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  1. Joe Houston's Limbo LP is a new one to me. Ace UK bought all the Crown masters, and I don't know if they've included those tracks on any of their CD reissues.

    On the Diplomat Bossa Nova LP, every copy seems to have slight skips where the needle doesn't move - the same with some of their guitar duo (Dan & Dale? whatever they named them) LPs. Those might be dubbed from records.

    I forget which budget Twist LP was the worst: the one on Coronet or the one on Grand Prix.