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Ira Wright Orchestra and Singers: Memories Are Made Of These (Rondo-lette)

An interesting album which features a collection of tracks which either feature a famous musician or composer's music or playing style played by an no name studio group. The mass credit of Ira Wright Orchestra is merely a pseudonym and that was a standard practice for budget labels. Often they made recordings with a bunch of low wage session musicians and pay them a flat fee with no royalties as a condition of employment. This allowed them to reissue material without having to pay anyone other then music copyright companies, but they only had to do this when the used non-public domain music.

Tracks are as follows:

(Artists and composers listed bellow are listed only to demonstrate who they were "tributing", with the expection of the Ken Griffin track, which is actually a recording of that artist)

Side A

Tommy Dorsey- Dark Eyes
Glenn Miller- Anvil Chorus
Dave Rose- Spanish Serenade
Leroy Anderson- Blue Tango
Ken Griffin- After The Ball

Side B

Al Jolson- Swanee
George M. Cohan- Yankee Doodle Dandy
John Philip Sousa- King Cotton
Stephen Foster- O Susanna
VIctor Herbert- Because You're You

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