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Almost all the Crown Record Discography is on Youtube for free listening! If You Use The Right Search Terms That is....

It has been a really long time since I have posted on this blog... and that is not likely to change, but I felt that I have found something that would concern an interested reader of this blog.

I spent a lot of time talking about the Bihari Brother's budget record labels when I was active in writing posts for this blog, back then Orchard music had many recording under a solid paywall of around nine dollars an album (for recordings which as contained on original vinyl releases that are in the realm of the dollar or less bins of any given record store one visits)... Which seemed silly to me since one could easily get an original vinyl copy off of Ebay for five dollars [including shipping] if one really wanted to have the full album... you would have the cover art (of which are still not present on most of the reissued recordings online) at least.

Using the artist names listed in the following discography of the original Crown Records catalog releases: Go to Youtube and put it in like this [artist name] Orchard [music/enterpries]. If you are lucky, you will start seeing videos with the crown record label in them, or even original cover art (rare). It will say they were provided by Orchard Enterprises or Music to Youtube. These are the same recordings you can find on Itunes or Amazon Music, and you can now listen to essentially every Crown release ever issued for free. For complete albums, go to advanced search settings and select playlists, or if the artist was certainly budget, click on the “user” which is in the format of [artist name]-topic...

Remember to remove and modify the generic attributions like “& his orchestra” because that can be listed as [Artist Names] Orchestra, [Artist Names], or if vocals are involved [Artist Name] chorus...

Orchard music enterprises do not stay true to the original release’s artist attribution names a lot of the time, particularly if they are really no name group. A lot of background music is grouped under the 1000 Strings artist name for example.

Often times the name of the attributed artist is the same as the original Crown release... maybe slightly modified, but Youtube's search algorithms are smart enough to sort through minor differences in the way the name was composed.

Once you have found the name Orchard uses to identify the artist, plug back the name into the search function with Orchard music or enterprises, and the rest of the tracks on youtube for that artist should appear in the top results.

Sometimes the original album’s track listings are not grouped exactly like the original crown release, they may be scattered in compilations that Orchard has a habit of making from these tracks, particularly when the tracks sound similar or have the same theme.

Special Cases: Where finding the recordings on youtube is  not be so straight forward and I had to do some digging to find the recordings and here I will either tell you how to find them, or suggest alternative means in getting hold of a copy legally and ethically (i.e I am not directing you to file sharing sites when there is someone who is legitimately charging for a digital copy of the recording). Advising you to seek out a vintage vinyl copy will only be suggested as a last resort, but that is required still, because the original used such a generic name, or no name at all, that Orchard music enterprises may well have it up online, but who knows what artist attribution they issued it under.

To conclude: If you don’t see the release in the list below, I found the original recordings very quickly and easily, and so I will not bother to write up a description of how to find them.

I will publish a list of special cases as separate posts as I feel like making them.

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  1. Wow!!! Great Bog! I'm always to find others who are interested in the cheaper side of America's musical heritage.

    This is my first visit, so I've got some catching up to do.

    Thanks so much!