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An Hour Of The World's Greatest Overtures

Front of the record jacket.
 Side one.

Side two.

The generic back slick.
     Royale records issued many different albums with "An Hour Of....".  The album were and still are very generic albums, and to top it all of the albums were not even an hour long! This album is just 38 minutes in length, making it a whooping 22 minutes short of being a hour long. In fact the longest "An Hour Of..." albums are about 45 minutes in length. This album back slick mentions a copyright date from 1952, so I guess that was when the album was released.

     On a different note, I uploaded these onto Youtube and it seems that people think they own the rights to these PUBLIC domain compositions. I disputed the content ID match, and it was resolved, then another group called, get this "Public Domain Compositions" collection group claimed they owned the rights to these compositions! 

The selections are below:

Marche Slave

La Gazza Landra

Light Cavalry Overture

Russian Easter Overture

Enjoy a half hour of "An Hour of the World's Greatest Overtures"!

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  1. Thank you for uploading. I am most interested in classical music on obscure/bargain labels and that is where I focus my collecting. I also commend you for fending off the groups who claim to own the rights to the recordings. They really sound like scammers.