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The Kings Of Dixieland play Auld Lang Syne.

The Kings Of Dixieland was a studio group that recorded for Crown between 1957-1962. Most of the content of these albums (eight in all) were public domain. I am impress by the arrangements, they even made The Merry Widow Waltz seem fantastic! I (sadly) have a mono copy only of this album, so I present the only track of note for New Year's eve. The selection is Auld Lang Syne, a classic favorite for this time of the year. I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Years, and come back for more fantastic budget record posts!

Auld Lang Syne


  1. In true Crown Records fashion, of course, the name "Kings of Dixieland" was an attempt to ride on the coat tails of the "Dukes of Dixieland," who made a number of popular early stereo albums for Audio Fidelity.

  2. The Kings of Dixieland albums are actually very good musicianship... with the musicians being credited on the covers of the early releases. The first volume (in mono only) features Ray Conniff (of the Ray Conniff Singers fame) on Trombone. Starting with Volume Two the band was hand picked musicians under the lead of Matty Matlock (who recorded for Warner Brothers and played dixieland in the filkm Pete Kelly's Blues)..