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A Pickwick Symphony (or the first post I have made since last Christmas)

Were you wondering if I would ever made another post again? Well, I'm back for awhile, and I might even make regular (and almost daily) posts for the next couple of months.

I have been very busy on Youtube since the last post, so I will not be short on material to present you.

I now present you with:

 The Hampshire Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra plays, Beethoven's 5th and Schubert's 8th Symphony on Design Records!

Design records was Pickwick's first LP record line. The initial releases were had liner notes, jackets with the album title printed on the spine, and inner sleeves. 1957-1958 was the golden age for budget record labels. In an era where "Tops/Mayfair" was king, every budget label had to match the high production standards, high quality pressings, and quality jackets and sleeves to match.

That being the case, Design was trying to release the best possible products for the very competitive budget record market. The stereo recordings were true stereo, and the quality of the recording were excellent.

This album is a example of how the budget labels were making their albums in the 1957-1958 era. This album features extensive liner notes, blurb after blurb about how high quality the album was. In short this album is one of the better budget Classical releases. After this time period, all acrossed the board budget labels issued albums in shoddy jackets and with noisy vinyl.

The albums features two timeless Classical compositions;  Beethoven's 5th Symphony, an Schubert's Unfinished Symphony (8th). The first side has almost the entire Beethoven's 5th symphony. They decide to trim the 2nd movement with no explanation.

Side 1

Beethoven's 5th part one (0:04) -The complete 1st movement
Beethoven's 5th part two (6:31) -Portion of the movement 2, and the complete movements of 3 and 4.

Side 2

Schubert's Unfinished 8th Symphony (18:19)

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