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The Royale Concert Orchestra performs "Broadway Hits"

Yet another fine Royale record album. This album is a collection of Broadway hits arranged by Russell Bennett. Robert Russell Bennett, was an arranger that worked with Richard Rogers, Jerome Kerns and George Gershwin. Russell was well known for his relationship with these composers, as he often worked side by side with them when making his arrangements. His greatest arranging work was for "Victory At Sea", where he took the twelve themes contributed by Richard Rogers and arranged eleven and a half hours of music for the show. Bennett described his own philosophy: "The perfect arrangement is one that manages to be most 'becoming' to the melody at all points." Through this, he kept his commercial arrangements simple and straightforward, with a careful ear for balance and color. 

The recordings were made under the direction of Russell Bennett…. However they were made in mid-1940's. That explains the less then stellar sound quality, as the tracks on this LP came from 78 rpm records. The album sound quality as a result is not that great even for an early 50's release when combined with the noisy vinyl and shellac mixture this record was press on.

Side 1

Rose Marie Overture
Soft Lights and Sweet Music
With A Song In My Heart
What Is This Thing Called Love
Oh What A Beautiful Morning
Surrey With The Fringe On The Top
The Song Is You
Softly As In The Morning Sunrise

Side 2

You Are Love
Thou Swell
Why Do I love You
Speak Low
Of Thee I Sing

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