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A Tribute To Glenn Miller: Johnny Gregory and his London Orchestra (Halo Records)

This Halo release is very special. You see, this was an album composed of Jerry Grey, pause of dramatic effect, and The Glenn Miller Orchestra recordings! In 1952 Jerry Grey was the leader of the Glenn Miller Orchestra when these recordings were cut for radio transcription disks. Oberstien used some of these recordings as filler on some of his albums prior to this Halo Release. This time Oberstien got cocky, and took these recordings and released an entire album of this ill gotten material. He was sued by Jerry Grey shortly after the album was released for the grand sum of 500,000 dollars according to the Billboard in 1958. Oberstien probably realized he was in very hot legal water, and settled out of court for a lesser sum. He never released the Glenn Miller material again (except for reissue of a couple of albums that used "Shine On Harvest Moon" by the Glenn Miller Orchestra as filler on previous releases). This is some pretty great material, Mood Indigo, Blue Champagne, Holiday For Strings, what more could you ask from an budget release?

Besides the fascinating history and content found on this record, there are some technical details I wish to bring up. My copy has some scratches, which resulted in some jumps and other artifacts. There is even a few moments of hiss, but forgive that, this is still a very great auditory experience!

Tracks are listed as the appeared in the video:

Side 1

My Isle Of Golden Dreams (0:00)
Blue Champagne (2:00)
Holiday For Strings (3:58)- Certainly an amazing track, well worth the 6 minute investment one would make in listening to this track.
Flow Gently (10:02)
Long Ago (11:30)
Don't Be That Way (13:10)
Anvil Chorus (14:45)
Shine On Harvest Moon (17:35)
Valse Triste (19:52)
Loch Lomond (22:26)
Mood Indigo (24:29)

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