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Somerset Records Presents: The Most Politically Correct Minstrel Show You Can Possibly Hear

This is about as politically correct as a minstrel show can get. I don't imagine anyone getting offended by this album. This album was released in 1959, a few years prior to the Civil Rights Movement, so these kinds of albums were still marketable. This album reminds of an album released by Crown Records released around the same time, "Songs Al Jolson Made Famous", which featured a man in black face. I have that posted on YouTube, just in case you wanted to see or hear it.

The engineering is flawless, the numbers featured on this record are nothing short of awe inspiring. This is truly an album that you must hear in its entirety. So I hope you have some time to spare for this amazing budget record release!

From the back cover: "A complete. Old time minstrel show in your living room to-night! Through brilliant performances and sparkling stereophonic recordings you can sit down in your armchair and avoid the hard seats and the drafty old town hall where grandpa got the "Boot" out of the opening march and all the acts that followed, None of the great color or hilarity is missing! It's all here, the band, chorus, and banjo and bones, all the great solos and the comedy between Mr. Interlocutor and his end men. This is American entertainment at it's best- Circa 1890......." There is more liner notes, however the rest of it goes on to explain the boring technical details of this albums production.

I hope you will enjoy "A Complete Minstrel Show!"

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