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1000 Strings Play For Christmas

The Sounds Of A Thousand Strings was the name of the background music orchestra that recorded for Crown record between 1958-1964. After that the recordings were attributed to groups such as "The Fascinating Strings". This group of albums that this orchestra made were made to compete with the 101 Strings orchestra, the group even a couple knock off albums of the 101 Strings charting "Soul Of Spain" albums (which the Sounds Of A Thousand Strings orchestra albums were titled "The Heart Of Spain"). This is the album was most likely a knock off the very popular 101 Strings "Glory Of Christmas" album. There are more selections from this album on my Youtube channel, go check it out!

Silent Night
White Christmas


  1. Probably the best known today of the "Sounds of a Thousand Strings" LPS is MUSIC FOR BIG DAME HUNTERS, with its sexy cover photo of Irish McCalla, aka TV's "Sheena of the Jungle," in a more daring version of Sheena's leopard skin outfit.

  2. One of the reasons the Irish McCalla 1000 Strings LP is so rare is because the Bihari Bros got sued for lifting the tracks from another LP (not the first time they got caught doing that). (The other reason it's so rare is that people kept the cover and threw out the LP.)
    I wonder where they lifted the tracks for this one?

    The red vinyl looks neat, and the cover design is perfect considering the fact that the holiday season was a really big sales period for rack-jobber LPs.
    It sounds like this LP is in terrific shape (or is it just these two tracks?).

  3. I just discovered your blog thanks to Lee Hartsfeld's blog.

    This is one of my all time favorite Christmas albums. I have been on a quest to find out who originally recorded it. As you probably know, it was reissued a ton of times with different covers and artist names. I discovered it as a child. My dad bought it on the Parade label as Al Goodman and his Orchestra. It was issued on the Spin-o-rama, Custom,and Premier labels among others. The artist later became George Jenkins & the Christmas Strings, who ever he was. Several years ago I found mp3 files of these recording for sale on Amazon or one of the other download sites under the name of "Art Neville" Thanks for your blog.

  4. I am curious to know if there a rar or zip file for this album?

  5. I am sorry to say that there is not a youtube recording of "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" video from this record :o(

  6. I just recently lucked into a copy of the "Big Dame Hunters" LP. Just gorgeous! And the record inside ain't too bad either... In the "who?" category, Crown credits "Marc Collins" as the conductor of the 1000 strings; but then, they managed to misspell Irish McCalla's name at the same time. To KL From NYC: Do you know whose album the Biharis swiped the tracks from? If yes, hope you will share this info.